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TV Broadcast Solutions, Motion Graphics, Virtual studios, Teleportation, Video Mapping, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality.
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We combine the know-how and the technology with the artistic & creative conceptualization to create a unique innovative blend for broadcasters.

No Excuses, Only Results

" There are no limits to our imagination and commitment.
When you’re committed , you accept No Excuses, Only Results."
We are always on the lookout for new technologies to adapt to the broadcast field. We offer our partners innovative & cutting edge creative solutions. This will give them a competitive advantage in this industry.

Research. Adapt. Empower.

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" At Rassi Engineering we cater for your technical requests and we thrive to achieve excellency and superior solutions. "
Content Creation
Virtual Sets

We generate topic ideas that appeal to our clients and create written or visual content around those ideas, making the outcome desirable to the audience. This can be done through video, infographic, or any format.

The idea of man landing on the moon was conceptualised hundreds of years before it was planned or achieved. This is what we do: come up with creative concepts and execute them at the highest standards.

With Teleportation we virtually transfer matter or energy from one point to another. Teleportation is often paired with time travel where we can make humans travel instantly from different places or different times.

Our virtual Studio set solutions are not only tailored to game shows, but cover all TV programs, Events, Series, Dramas, Sports and many others. We collaborate with the best graphic designers to present sets with professional broadcast quality and total flexibility, making them fully compatible with all major editing and graphics packages.


Quality, Not Quantity

“Quality is our main objective as it makes the biggest difference. It’s a principle we work for every day.”
Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Real Time Tracking
Data Visualization

We are shaping the machines to be capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence.  AI is an interdisciplinary science with many approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in every sector of the tech industry.

As Television and Cinema are taking dominant positions on the AR wave, we have achieved a giant leap in this direction, creating mixed experiences with Television and augmented reality. This is known as Augmented Television.

Real-Time camera tracking allows live virtual broadcast of graphics. Whether it is installed on a handheld cam, a Jimmy Jib or a Steadicam, with Real-Time camera tracking you  see the on-set action and the Graphics background together in real-time , live on set.

The increased popularity of big data and data analysis make visualisation more important than ever. We offer better means to present information to viewers. We go beyond typical techniques such as pie charts or corporate graphs, and use complex representations, such as heat maps and fever charts.



Marwan Rassi, Engineer

Abed Khatib, CompEng.

Mohamed Missilmani, MBA

Andys Redhames, GrphD.

“We are a passionate group of creatives and experts adapting the new revolutionary technologies to the World of Broadcast and Computer Technology from Creation to Final Outcome.”


Electrical & Computer Engineer expert in AR and VR, and specialist in Ventuz, Unreal engine , Realsense and  Aximetry.  

Content and concept creator, TV Production professional, Mass Media and Visual communication expert and lecturer.

3D Modeling and texturing in Blender, Unreal Engine professional and Expert in Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve. 

AI specialist, with strong experience in Python, Django, Flask, Computer Vision, Robotics, Data Analysis & Visualization.

Technology has a Home Now

" Technology wasn't meant to stay so we created a place where it Rassi Engineering LTD
71-75 at Shelton Street, London. " 

Our  Clients

We collaborate with many prominent TV channels and renowned Media Outlets as well as with the Leading Production Houses all around the Arab world, where we produced and executed over the years, several successful TV shows and thriving events that became a milestone in the Field of Television and Entertainment. 


  Here are some of our clients
Since 1996 we supplied innovations in the broadcast field that were continuously appreciated by millions of viewers in the MENA and GCC . Success is 10% talent and 90% perseverance and hard work

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Ramadan Show with 
Ramadan Show with 
Ramadan 1st live VR Studio with Saudi TV
Ramadan Show with 

      1st place       

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      1st & 2nd place         2019

Our Partners

Ventuz is a node-based production and design environment for creating presentations, video wall content, interactive apps, broadcast graphics and experimental design projects..


Aximmetry is a 3D virtual studio software with its own rendering engine, green screen chroma keyer, and Unreal Engine integration for video content creation resulting in high-end, real-time 3D environments. 

Intel RealSense Technology is a product range of depth and tracking technologies designed to give machines and devices depth perceptions capabilities and it is used in autonomous drones, robots, AR/VR .

Unreal Engine is the world's most open and advanced real-time 3D creation platform for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences. Unreal Engine could bring to life amazingly any 3D Creations. 

 -Powerful Interface                                 -Artist Friendly                                       -Great for Realtime animation             -Max performance & Reliability           -Easy to use server configuration 

  -Multiple Virtual camera                        -Customizable Control interfaces    -Virtual Lighting of live actors            -Live Real Time Shadows                      -High end  Studio Environment

 -2 Cam with Known Baseline              -has Inertial measurement unit        -Self tracking with high accuracy    -Use set of Known information          -Understand position & Movement  of Tracking Cam 

-has Pre-Built tools and workflows  -Modular Sys/customized plugins  -Full access to source code              -Robust C++ APi                                        -Blue Print Visual scripting  

Values are like Fingerprints, We leave them Everywhere

"We are a team of talented and creative specialists who have built strong experience in different fields and domains. Our success is a result of many years of persistence, hard work and determination add to it a set of key values, we are proud to hold."





   More Than 35000 hrs. of          work in Live Television  and counting

   A total of 250 TV Programs, game shows and Events and still going

   More than 14 New  Technological Innovation in the field of TV Broadcast

   But only 1 aim in mind and that is to offer 100% work satisfaction to our clients

Our Projects

"Our Success story never stops, and we continue the challenge to produce complete high-quality products for promising TV Brands  
Essal Al-Saudia (إسأل السعودية)

January, 2020

The Arabic version of the global game show " let's ask America". The program uses Virtual Technology with zoom Conferencing and allows contestants from all KSA to participate from home and win Prize Money. 

Akher Kalam (آخر كلام)

September, 2019

An entertaining competition show with Virtual Technology and augmented reality, offering prizes to participants in categories such as variety, sports, and general information, in addition to questions about series shown on Dubai TV

MBC Live Teleportation System

March, 2019

Our bespoke teleportation live system transports The presenter Mustafa al-Agha from his studio in Dubai where he was shown on screen to another geographical location, to meet the 2 other presenters in different Studios.  

Rouwad al Takniah KSA 

April, 2021

A virtual set Project with live streaming on the web where we created an unforgettable creative Virtual experience for the final ceremony promoting the 10 finalists and their projects on a Virtual platform. 

"There are no Limits to our Expertise, We have delivered and continue to deliver revolutionary, high-end quality projects for our clients"


I worked with Rassi engineering for years now, and they always gave me that thrilling know-how and expertise in Computer Graphics and Technology .”

- Bassem Christo, Director at Periba

" With Rassi Engineering we always get what we want and more. They are good in giving quality work for reasonable prices .”

- Ihab Hammoud, Producer at Inmedia 

So far our experience with ReTracker has been Great. The Software works perfectly and we are looking forward to future developments. Thanks to Marwan for his invaluable support   .”

- Felix M. Dowell, Director at LKM Lab

Your wish is our command

"We make your wishes come true. Do you have big dreams? we make them real" 

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